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Choose the Workout that Best Suits YOU

Get familiar with the class descriptions. Each GRAVITY FORM has a specific purpose, flow and intensity. If you are new to exercise on our Total Gym equipment, we recommend you start with TRU:FORM™, our total body strength training class. Or consult with one of our Certified Trainers to start with a Personal Training Session.


Things to remember:
  • Consult—a Physician before starting an exercise regimen

  • Hydrate—before, during and after your session

  • Eat—simple and complex carbs before workouts to ensure a steady release of energy

  • Wear—comfortable workout gear, long hair tied back or up and gym shoes. Avoid wearing baggy or loose clothing, large jewelry and other items that could impede the safety or efficiency of your workout

  • Bring—workout towel, water bottle and a smiling face!


Nice to Meet YOU

We’d like to say hi and show you around.

  • Arrive early— 15 minutes is plenty

  • Sign in and fill out our client intake form

  • Stash your stuff – Store your personal items in our cubbies during your workout

  • Choose your equipment station—when you arrive before the crowd


Mastering the How


Training on Total Gym is simple and we’ll make sure your first workout with us is a great one.

  • Your GRAVITY Trainer works with you to ensure you quickly gain command of the equipment and flow of exercises.

  • Our Small Group Class Sessions typically have 8-10 people, so you get plenty of personal attention.

  • Check out Class Descriptions for more info on the workout in each GRAVITY form.


Building Muscle : Training Movement : Creating Energy


Now is your chance to experience GRAVITY… as your new training partner.  Functional bodyweight training on Total Gym is at the core of our GRAVITY Program.


Things to remember:

  • Listen for the instructor cues

  • Safety first, always

  • Train at your own level and pace.

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