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Efficient & Effective

GRAVITY is anchored by Total Gym®, the world’s leading equipment for functional bodyweight training.  It recruits multiple muscle groups in synergy as YOU dynamically pull your own weight.  YOU move yourself through a versatile, tri-planar, total body workout in 40-50 minutes. It is the most efficient way to train and is central to accelerating your transformational results.

Our Studios combine strength training on Total Gym with a selection of additional functional training equipment for a progressive model of fitness training for all ages and ability levels, from beginning exercisers to elite athletes.



Over 40 Years of Fitness Innovation


GRAVITY® is rooted in the rich history of the Total Gym® brand, technology and culture which has celebrated bodyweight training since 1974. With its commitment to innovation in physical therapy, pro-sports conditioning, athletic training and commercial fitness, along with its proven success as a staple for exercise in over 4 millions homes globally, Total Gym is the world’s leading equipment for a functional, total body workout.

Staying true to the Total Gym founders’ mission and vision, we are dedicated to the individual and driven by the desire to create a positive impact in the lives of those we touch.


Innovative, Inclusive and Fun

GRAVITY® is different. It’s dynamic—the movement variables change regularly so that you are always motivated, challenged,  and surprised. Our culture inspires connection and group synergies. YOU can aspire to an achievable and bold goal. YOU will move with more agility, more balance, more confidence and more strength. We coach you every step of the way with professional and motivational instruction. YOU are the center of GRAVITY®.


Proven and Proficient

Drawing on the Total Gym legacy of knowledge, with its 40+ years of fitness innovation, we have produced the highest level of education and certification for our in-studio GRAVITY Trainers.  Our GRAVITY Master Trainer team is comprised of elite fitness professionals with more than 140 years of blended programming knowledge. They are today’s innovators and tomorrow’s trendsetters.

In-studio GRAVITY Instructors have demonstrated excellence in our rigorous GRAVITY Education® and Training Program and each one carries multiple industry master certifications. Our training team is fully equipped with the tools, knowledge and expertise to guide your fitness program toward YOUR desired outcome.

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